Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kid Nation

We watched the new show kid nation last night. How come I never get the message about a 40 day free camp for kids? What the heck! Where do we sign up?
Seriously, I thought it was a pretty interesting idea. I think those kids will be totally different when they are sent back home. Not to mention they can win $20,000.


I am reading the new book by J.Meyer. It has a really good analogy in it I like and thought I would share with ya'll.
A lighthouse keeper who worked on a rocky stretch of coastline would get oil for the lighthouse once a month to keep the light house burning so ships could sail safely near the rocky coast. One night, though, a woman from a nearby village came and begged him for some oil to keep her family warm. Another time a father asked for some oil to use in his lamp. Another man needed to lubricate a wheel. Since all the requests seemed legitimate, the lighthouse keeper tried to please everyone and grant the requests of all.
Toward the end of the month the man noticed his supply of oil was dangerously low. Soon it was gone, and one night the light went out. As a result several ships were wrecked and countless lives were lost. When the authorities investigated the man was very apologetic. Hel told them he was just trying to be helpful with the oil. "You were given the oil for one purpose, and one purpose. only-to keep that light burning"!
When was the last time you thought about why you do what you do? I think as women we have to decide what our "oil" is. What is it that God has given you that you need to use wisely. Time, energy, focused attention, money etc...