Friday, August 17, 2007

Back To Life

Sorry I haven't updated this. Our internet has been in and out. Thank you Comcast, its not like we pay for it!
We are back to work and getting ready for school. The kids seemed excited about going back. I'm ready except for the ton of homework that eats up so much time. Its obvious from Miss South Carolina that our public education did her a huge misservice. I kinda feel sorry for her. And then I kinda don't.
It makes me pose the question, would you rather have kids who are book smart and social retards, or average and socially capable? Personally, I want my kids to be socially capable. Since most of life is based around relationships, it does no good to be a genius with no friends.

Almost Time!

Almost time for vacation! We leave tomorrow right after church for Topsail, NC. We will be there for a week. Lord knows I need a break.
I just hate all the packing and getting ready to leave. Especially since Sundays are crazy enough as it is.
I went to the library today and a couple of books to read on the beach(Blink & Middlesex). I will let you know how they are.

Rest Of The Story

Ok, how did the rest of the day go. Ok. I visited with a friend who gave me a fresh perspective on what went down.
We had the HSM2 party tonight. The kids loved it but can you say "CHEESEY". The solo scene of "Troy" on the golf course was c-o-r-n-y!

Freakin' Ridiculous

If you know me you understand the title of todays blog. Maybe God is pushing me toward what I am really supposed to be doing. I don't know, but today sucked!
All I need in my life is one more grown man with a pms-ing 12 year old inside of him. I can't take it anymore.
Thank God we are leaving for vacation soon. Maybe I'll have more perspective when I get back.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Day Another Dollar

Yep, I had to get up at the butt crack of dawn this morning to go to work. It's really not to bad except I've already started mentally checking out for my vacation.
I was also up late last night with the GACC film crew. They asked me to come along to help with the "comedic" timing of the drama they were filming. This girl ain't funny after 10:00pm!

The free breakfast today was a chicken biscuit. We ran out of biscuits and were just giving people basically what ever they wanted for free. Totally unplanned, but what else is new.
I really need to start planning/laundry/cleaning for out vacation but I just can't seem to find the motivation.
I'm totally firing my maid, she sucks! She never does her job. Oooh, that's right we don't have a maid. I've got to teach these kids to clean better.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Time

Ok, I'm trying the blog thing. If people don't read it I won't keep wasting my time.
I can't believe people want to read about my day but here goes.
Today was a cool day at work. I got to have breakfast with Mark Miller who wrote a book I just finished reading. (The Secret- What Great Leaders Know and Do) He is a corp. guy. He had a great heart and it was awesome to be able to pick his brain. He made me want to try harder.

Then I got to take food to the radio station. Which it is by the way my dream job to be a radio dj. The thought of everyone listening to me is very exciting. I did not get to talk on the radio but its still a cool enviroment, and it cool to go into the station rooms of people I hear on the radio.

The kids didn't have summer program today so I got off work early to get them from Alan. We all had lunch together and came home. I got a mini nap in, and I mean mini.

I came home and checked my e-mail. Can I just say STOP FORWARDING ME CRAP! I know you think its sweet/funny/inspiring/whatever but I hate them. I think I can count on one finger a forward I actually liked, out of a million. And if you are forwarding stuff all the time, and you know who you are, get back to work! Then get me an application to your fluffy job.

Ok, I feel better. You?