Saturday, October 13, 2007

Shout Out To My Boss

Ok, I told my boss he could read my blog. So let me say I have the best boss ever! How did I get so lucky to have such an amazing boss? I thank my lucky stars everday that I get to go to work for such a great guy! Wow!

Shout out to Sommer: No comments from you on this one!

F.F.F. Kinda Day

Let do a question and answer blog today.
Q: What is FFF?
A: Forced Family Fun Day! We took the kids to the Folk Festival today. Can I get a what the H E double hockey sticks were we thinking!!! We got to the parking area (Braves Stadium) at 1:30, and finally arrived at the Folk Fest at 3:00.
Q: What is a Folk Festival
A: Hippies, Old People, Lesbians, Gypsies! And women with hairy armpits. This is America, SHAVE EM OR HIDE EM!
Q: How was the food?
A: Highway robbery, stomach cramping, not good.
Q: Did the kids have fun?
A: You know they did, but not all at the same time of course.
Q: Bribe of the day?
A: Coldstone Creamery
Q: Will I go back?
A: Sure when I'm either, old, gay, gypsey, or don't want to shave anymore.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Last week we told Zeik if he stayed on green all week at school, we would buy him a new xbox game. Yes we have resorted to bribery. Well it worked! It was such a relief not have "bad"notes home from the teacher. But we are all bribed and we all bribe. Like at work in the manager meeting we were talking about how to motivate people to be more productive. I say, it's called a paycheck but others think we should be more creative.
Now we have to motivate Ziek with something else. I'm thinkin' a pain free butt.
Let's clarify something though (for all you "bubble" parents) You shouldn't bribe your kids to do things that are character issues. Like telling the truth, be respectful, manners etc... If you do bribe them for these attributes then they aren't really developing good character. Which is what we all want from our kids. Of all the bad behaviours we have to deal with having children nothing reflects more on us as parents than bad character.
Good character has to be taught and is often only taught through imitation. Be the person you want your kids to grow up to be.