Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kid Conversations

I always think its funny to listen to my kids when they are deep in conversation. Today in the car I had interject into their conversation to explain why being a pirate is not really a viable career option. Later this evening in the car Noah says out of the blue, "Mom, should I say penis in public?" I said no, and he says, "that's what I thought." Well, at least he asked. They each have their own area of expertise that they get advice about from each other. And of course I don't know what I'm talking about. It's interesting that the older they get the dumber I get.
They are so funny.
We are now doing homework. I hate homework! I think if it can't be done at school then don't do it. It feels like all we do is homework. Then we still have to study for various tests. I read the book Ending the Homework Hassle. It was very helpful but teachers don't care that we are trying to get the kids to take responsibility for there work and face the consequences of not doing it. Living in the bubble most parents wouldn't dream of letting a 3rd grader turn in 3rd grade calibur work.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What Are You Smokin?

Today at work I was thinking about someone and I thought, what are you smokin'? Seriously, why is it that people seem to make decisions that make no sense to every one around them and they just don't see it.
Then I started thinking about why I would be in this persons life and visa versa. God made me the way I am for a reason. And he made that person the way they are for a reason. So am I exactly what that person needs in thier life right now? Is this person the thing I need in my life right now? Are the words I say to them going to make an impact in their life or do I let my own feelings and agenda skew what God has already orchestrated? It can be really hard. I have to be careful not to let their words altar what I know about who I am. I know I'm direct, outspoken and seldom take crap but can I be vulnerable enough let grace show through, because when I need grace I expect it freely, don't we all.
It's amazing how relationships not within our family can effect us. I hope 20 yrs. from now when people look back on thier relationship with me they say, "Thank you God for crossing our paths."