Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sick Day

Hannah stayed home again today. She woke up with a fever for the third day in a row. But she will definetely be going to school tomorrow.
Last night she took a bath and afterwards asked me to brush her hair. As I brushed her long, knotted up hair I got more and more mad, so today she got a hair cut! Woohoo! It looks so much better.
Her picture is at the very bottom of the page, don't ask me why it's at the very bottom.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Golden Compass

This movie causing quite a debate amongst the "children's pastors" circle my husband converses with.
Here is the bottom line, from me anyways.
BE THE PARENT! You decide what you do and do not want your kids involved in. If the subject matter is to much or to "out there" then don't watch it but for crying out loud, make your own decisions for your family. Stop relying on the "experts" to tell you how to raise your kids. We will all have to cross the bridges of anarchy, witchcraft, etc... with our kids. But you know when that time is right, that's right, YOU.
It's scary that we as parents are becoming so powerless in our own families. I see it all the time with the kids calling the shots and magazine articles telling us how to raise the perfect polite, well behaved child. It's simple, you decide what your family morals are, you decide what is and is not acceptable in your home, and you decided what kind of family you want. Then you work towards that goal.
Is backtalk acceptable? Is disrespect acceptable? Is telling you No I won't do that acceptable? What about disobedience? If it's not acceptable and it's happening what are you doing about it?

Canned Corn

My kids had a canned food drive at school this week. So, I sent each of them with a canned veggie to donate. Well, of course it didn't go down that simply or I wouldn't be blogging about it, right?
Zeik took his can of corn into the cafeteria and asked the cafeteria attendant to open it so he could eat it for lunch. And of course, she did. He ate the whole can of cold canned corn. This would only happen at our house. I'm sure the cafeteria ladies think I'm a crazy mother for sending my son with a can of corn for his lunch.

Also we have a crazy squirrel at our house. Last Monday Alan called me and said there was a squirrel in a tree eating a bird. I of course said, squirrels don't eat birds, it probaly has rabies, call animal control.
The animal control officer said there has never been a case of squirrel rabies and it's the natural order of things. I said WHATEVER! We have a whacko, crazy rodent in our yard. Again, only at our house would this happen.
If you could only see the number of trees we have, its ridiculous. One day the squirrels are going to unite and takeover.