Thursday, October 4, 2007


I don't know how to make the pic of me and Sommer fit any better- sorry. We had Bloom last night and the pic is actually for our Bloom blog. if you want to check it out. We are blogging machines!
I keep getting zits, what's up with that, I already 27. I shouldn't get zits anymore. Alan says its from stress, I think I'm getting younger.
Just a random thought, I'm tired of the Old Navy commercial! It sounds like a 4 yr. old sang the jingle and it sticks in my head- marketing worked!

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Today was Nazi cleaning camp at our house. The house was such a mess we had to buckle down and clean it.
This time of year we get lots of these little tiny spiders in our house. They are so small you can't notice them until they start crawling. When I was sweeping I was knocking down their webs under the cabinets and they kept running for their little lives , at which point I would lower the boom and step on them. A few of them died instantly while some of them just curled up and had spider siezures.
This made me think about how alot of women are. I know there are women in our church and at work that are barely hanging on when something in life happens, like depression, divorce, marriage trouble etc... knocks them off their neatly built web and as they run for cover they are smushed. Unfortunately I think we are all guilty of smushing each other. When we say she's being a real bitch instead of is everything OK. If we gossip behind her back instead of praying because we know her husband cheated. If we comment on how awful her kids behave, even though we know she's going through a divorce and just doesn't have the energy to discipline them anymore.
May we all show grace and mercy, because we never know when we'll be running for cover.