Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cool Stuff

I found this company called Connexxions. It has some really fun and ingenious products for us suburbanites. If you are planning a party or any kind of get together you should check out these products.


Monday, March 17, 2008


Ok, this is one of my new favorite SNL skits. Alan and I are always laughing at all the side effects on the drug commercials and this is perfect. Who wouldn't want to take a birth control pill that may make you grow a second vagina and a leathery tail? I mean c'mon!

Click the link below to check out the video of my new favorite SNL skit:

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Today is Sunday, it's always crazy at our house on Sunday! I did not get home until after 6:00pm. We had church then I had a women's ministry meeting. At the meeting it was announced that Sommer and I would no longer be doing Bloom. I love Bloom, it is like my baby since Sommer and I created it from scratch and planned every meeting each month. But I am just to tired to deal with the "powers that be" anymore. A few years ago I would have stood and fought and said "I'll make this work no matter what!" But I just don't have the time or energy anymore. Plus I am trying to not only manage my time but my energy as well. Should I expend alot of energy fighting against the "powers that be" or direct my energy at more well meaning things like my family, friends work etc...? HMMMM...
Bloom will continue in a different format, more social outings, which should be fun. The women's ministry will take it over.