Friday, August 24, 2007


Noone told me there were sharks here! The kids had asked me when we first got here if there were sharks. Of course I said no. WRONG. As we went to the pier tonight for a walk I saw a sign saying no shark fishing. I'm so glad I didn't know that until the next to last day.
Today was another lazy day, we spent the first half at the beach and the second half at the pool. We have to hit the pool to get all the sand off the kids. Don't tell maintance man that.

Out and About

Yesterday we went to Surf City, the closest town to us. We went to lunch at a local Pizza Joint. This is when you most feel like a tourist. The cashier said "Ya'll ain't frum here, I can tell. Wher ya'll frum." Apparently we stick out.
We also went to the sea turtle hospital. That was really neat. This place is staffed by volunteers only and has no state or local funding. They rescue sick and injured sea turtles and release them back into the wild. Apparently this is a nesting ground for sea turtles. They are huge!
We are going to spend today at the beach and pool. We are going for the leathery sheen only uv rays can create in our skin.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Spin Cycle

Another day at the pool and on the beach. I told Alan to walk out into the water with me, he did. He insisted that we needed to walk out further to get over the breaks of the waves, so like a good wife I listened. The first couple of waves lifted me up and gently deposited me back on my feet, what fun. Then I heard Alan yell, here comes a good one, at which time I am sent into a tailspin. It felt like the spin cycle on a washing machine! I was completely pounded. I did not want to stand all the way up because it felt like during the assault my swim suit had given up its duty and parts were going everywhere. But as you can imagine 2 more waves hammered me in the inspection process. I finally regain somewhat of a composure see my husband, not concerned at all for my safety -but laughing like a hyena.
I then retired to the beach with my book for the rest of the time. I just got out of the shower. My little wave incident deposited sand in places it should not be. Maybe I'll find a pearl in 30 years.
The kids have really mastered their boogie boards and are loving it. Alan is recovering from his sunburn. Shell hunting was fruitfull this morning. Apparently this beach is known for the butterfly looking shells in puts all over the sand. They are really cute. We'll bring some back. Noah is still on the lookout for a fully intact konk shell(is that how you spell konk?)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This is the life!

Yes, I'm on vacation! Woohoo! We are in Topsail Island, NC. Alan found a great condo that looks right onto the beach. He now looks like a lobster after yesterdays fun in the sun. We went to the beach most of the day and then to the pool. The kids are asking to go to bed.
Today we went to see the U.S.S. North Carolina in Wilmington. It is an battleship built in the 40's. I totally did not think about the fact that there was no air conditioning back then. Can you say tons of steel and 100 degree weather. HOT! But is was cool to see.
I am half way through my first book I brought with me. Middlesex. Very good read, to much to explain the title.
The kids are loving the beach. It is not busy here at all. There are just a few families staying around us and the kids can play with the same friends everyday, so that's cool. The kids and I go "shell hunting" every morning before breakfast while Alan is in bed. They actually have really good shells here, unlike Va. beach.
Today I had to stop and get an ice tea at Chick-fil-A in Wilmington. I'm so addicted, its pathetic. But then we had Sonic for lunch, and angels sang. I love Sonic!
I'll try to post some pics after we get home. Not to many of me. The salt water and ocean air not loving my hair. I look like a homeless women sitting on the beach with whacked out hair.
My cell in on roaming but love to get texts! I'll blog as much as I can get a connection.