Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thankgiving everyone. It has so busy I haven't really had time to gather my thought enough to blog. I has been quite week.
Alan worked on Monday which messes up my day at work because Monday is my long day.
Tuesday I went with Jody (our area marketing director) to Louisa County High School. The school won free Chick-fil-A for the whole school because of a school spirit contest. This school was so amazing! The faculty was so gracious and the students were amazingly well behaved. They even had a skydiver.
Tuesday night we went to Williamsburg and had dinner with Karl Bastian. He is the Kidologist. He has Americas largest website for children's minister, so you can only imagine how excited Alan was to meet him.
Can I give a shout out to Tori for all the help with the kids this past few days, not to mention they love her to death.
Wednesday was half day of school and now on Thursday they are already sick of each other.
I am going to Home Team Grill today to help feed the less fortunate and then we're going to our neighbors for dinner.