Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gotta Love Samples!

I just have to blog about this, it is so ridiculous. WARNING! Men you probaly don't want to read this.

I warned you.

Ok, I got a free sample of pads from Always. Attached to the pad is a little wipe. So as I opened it up I thought, what am I gonna do with this wipe. It is literally a single thin wipe. For anyone who has ever had a period you know the only way you could use a wipe during your period is to maybe wipe off public restroom seats. Now if Always wants to attach half a box to every pad then maybe we could have a happy period, well not happy maybe melonchaly. This is one of those marketing schemes that had to be thought of by a man. If I came at my v-jayjay with a single wipe while on my period it would bust into laughter and say "you think so do ya?"
I know I can already hear Alan saying "REEBBBEECCCAAA!" Hey I just call it like I see it.