Friday, May 16, 2008

Lace Up Your Boxing Gloves

Over the past week I have realized more than ever that as Christians, wives, moms, and friends we need to lace up our fighting gloves. The Bible talks about putting on the full armor to gaurd yourself. But in our culture it seems like more than ever we need to fight for our families and friends not just ourselves.
We need to let our family and friends know that we will fight for them. I think about the old movies when a "victim" tells the bad guy my (fill in the blank) will come for me, you'll be sorry.
Let your spouse, kids and friends know that you will come for them, no matter what they get themselves into. We all make mistakes, right. Not to say that some fights won't be bloody and ugly but I know the only way Satan can destroy your family is from within. So let the ones you love know, you might do or be doing something really stupid, but I'm gonna lace up my gloves and we're gone fight for our family. But take heart, if you serve God you are never fighting alone.