Thursday, September 13, 2007

Red Carpet

I know I haven't blogged in a few days. It has been a little crazy around here.
I am watching the Emmy Awards, I also watched bits and pieces of the red carpet thing on E!.
I don't understand the red carpet. They will be interviewing and actor and then in the left corner of the screen pops up someone else who is just making there way onto the red carpet. What's up with that? It goes like this- Hey, here is Ellen Pompei from Grey's Anatomy, what is it like to be here, are you excited blah blah blah and then pops up the picture in the corner. Its like saying we are keeping our options open just in case someone more interesting shows up. And as soon as that box pops up I quit listening to the interview and watch the box. I think that's kinda mean.
But let us not act as though we don't do it everyday to each other. Its called call waiting. You know, you hear that beep beep and try to see who it is w/o pulling the phone to far away from your ear. Or my fave, when someone says, can you hold on so I can take this call. NO! I can't hold on, you either talk to me or talk to whoever is beeping in. Don't be a jerk, just decide who's more interesting. We all do it.
Also we need to address the actress epidemic. Skinny! Now I know you can't all aspire to my volumptousness but come on. If I can cut off your head and you look like a 10 year old boy in a dress your to skinny. Women are supposed to have boobs and hips.
Now they are honoring Roots, which I have never seen. But I did get my roots colored on Friday. Smile.


Alan has been gone all week. He went to Ks. for those who don't know that means Kansas, to his grandmothers funeral. He gets home today thank God! I could not make it as a single mom, well actually my kids couldn't make it with me as a single mom. They have been pretty good this week.
I am having my yearly allergy attack today, I feel like crap. I don't know if the allergy meds really help all that much. I either feel allergy sick or medicine sick.
But I am getting my hair done tomorrow which is sure to make me feel better. Smile.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Casa Grande!

Holy Cow, has anyone seen the new paint job at Casa Grande on W. Broad St.? Wow! Whoever did it is very talented and weird. I'll try to find a picture of it. What's up with the mexican man warrior always carrying his woman around? She has legs man! Put her down, maybe she's paralyzed? I don't know. I think the busty women on the side of the building are a road hazzard. Too distracting.

Wife Swap

Alan is in Ks. at his grandmothers funeral. So I am sleep deprived, so if I ramble that's why.
Wife Swap is on. I watch it so I can say to myself "see we're the normal ones". Where do they find these people? Can you say WHACK JOBS! Are these people for real?

Also I want to address cell phone music. You know the one "enjoy the music while your party is reached". I called someone today(Jessica) and got a choppy version of Bon Jovi's shot down in a blaze of glory. I call Todd and get some wierd jazz, I've also gotten rap. What happened to a ring, ring, ring hello. If you must have a song preface it by, "you are about to waste one minute of your cell phone plan listening to a song your friend picked, a song that makes no sense at all. Unless your Jessica and you've been shot down in a blaze of glory. You can press 1 to hang up or press 2 to continue or press 3 and pray to God someone will just simply answer the freakin' phone. Come on people.

Alan & I went to the Funny Bone this past weekend. It was so fun. We had never been and the guy who plays Special Ed on Crank Yankers was there. He was hilarious. Totally recomend it, Sat. are no smoking shows. The drunks are funny too.