Friday, April 11, 2008

Project of the Week

Before After

This was my project of the week. We were given a set of these in tables. The brown is the before and the black is the after. It was alot of fun redoing these tables and they look so different. I had to sand the heck out of them because they had a really shiny venier (I don't think I spelled that right). I also took of the large gold fixtures and sawed off the middle bar thing.
So now I have a matching set of tables for my bedroom, woohoo!


LiLi said...

You are So crafty! I am jealous of your abilities! Teach me Teach me oh wise and creative one!

Toni said...

Oooh....good job! You wanna come over and redo my rocking chair? :)

Toni Rivera said...

I sent you an email, but I thought it would be more "stalker-like" if I also commented on your blog AGAIN. Can I get that strawberry salsa recipe from you please? :)