Thursday, April 3, 2008

Whoa to the fro!

Ok, yes this is Zeik's 2007-08 school photo. And yes I forgot it was picture day. There goes my mother of the year award yet again. How might the photo be different you ask, well for starters the blue t-shirt with a truck on it. Obviously the photographer thought crossing his arms would cover up the worst of it. And of course the hair! Ziek inherited my hair, lucky him. Just like me if my hair is not properly forced into submission everyday it looks a little unruly, thus the fro. It is apparent Zeik's hair was at some point brushed out or fluffed, probaly by the little black comb school photographers have bought stock in.
What is the deal with the background? Hey kids just relax like your in the sunroom of your grandma's house. Could we squeeze anymore furniture into this shot, really!


Toni Rivera said...

Aw....I think it's cute! He looks sad, though :( It's the look of "Can we just get this over with"!! By the way, having my baby in 5 1/2 hours! Here's to my insomnia and anxiety!!!

LiLi said...

He's handsome, fro and all! And girl I hear ya.... I had to LOL at the furniture comment and the grandparents sun room! HAHAHAHAHA